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About Me

Little did I know back in 1992 when I narrowly missed the Barcelona Olympics what an impact that moment would take on my health and career.  The heartache, despair, and hard work of years culminated in missing Olympic qualification by just 0.04 seconds. 


I was left chronically fatigued, suffering from glandular fever and epstein barr virus.  My dreams of being an Olympian were gone in a split second and I was left to ponder my life and my future. 


I embarked on a natural health career in hopes of finding health myself, and then aspiring to help others achieve and maintain health and success.

Fast forward 33 years and I have been fortunate to help thousands of people regain their health, and countless people to recover from pain. 

During this time I have :

  • Built 2 natural therapy businesses on the Redcliffe Peninsula

  • Worked for 5 years helping Worlds top 10 WTA women's tennis athletes as part of their medical team travelling to all the major international events

  • Accompanied Australian athlete race walkers to world cup events China

  • Head therapist aboard award winning Crystal Symphony

  • Worked with the Brisbane Broncos medical team

  • Owned and operated The Body Specialist Clinic in Brisbane

  • Built a global following of people educating and training them on how to use and share Redox technology

  • Member of Medical Professionals Board for Asea Redox technology

  • Complete 3 Olympic distance triathlons

  • International Speaker in several countries on health and healing

  • Travelled to over 100 countries

  • Volunteer on Advancing Life missions

  • Completed Rottnest 20km Swim 2023

  • Completed Swim around Great Keppel Island

  • Completed 8 peaks in 4 days in Mt Kosciuszko region

  • Everest Base Camp 2023

love to spend time with my family and friends and always find myself studying, learning and contemplating the meaning and purpose of life.

Life is full of wonder and I hope to inspire you to go out and be a force for good in the world.


When we change, the world changes. 

I'd love to connect with you and make miracles together.

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