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JET LAG …8 secrets to never getting it

Updated: Feb 7, 2020

How many people fear Jet lag ? One of the many challenges in travelling across the globe is adjusting to the time and weather in the destination.

After travelling for more than 10 years and having visited more than 125 countries I'll share my best travel secrets on how you can bounce as soon as you arrive to your destination and how you can get off a plane and go straight to work.

When you look at what the essence of travelling is and what we are doing lets break it down.

What to DO Immediately….

  • Set your clock to the destination time zone as soon as you arrive to the departure lounge and never look at the old time again. Only focus and look at the time in your destination country. By doing this you will start to eat and sleep in that time zone immediately.

  • Set your clock to take a melatonin supplement 8 hours from landing time if you require help with sleeping on a flight.

  • limit your exposure to screen time during a flight.

  • On your departure day be sure to drink more water than usual and try to do this several hours before you head to the airport to save countless trips to the toilet as you are processing through immigration and customs.

  • On the flight be sure to drink plenty of water - your body dehydrates a lot during a flight and never drink any alcohol on the flight.

  • Pack your own food and snacks. I choose to eat a good meal prior to boarding the plane and avoiding most of the plane food. A good fast is not a bad idea as you are doing nothing but sitting for an extended period of time and your body has a hard time digesting food in that cramped position.

  • Download your favourite podcasts, relaxation music. One of my favourite podcasts to listen to are hay house meditations. Another great idea is to download audible and get audio books. That way you can sit back and relax like having your mum read you a bed time story.

  • When traveling more than 8 hrs with a stop try to get some exercise in the layover by walking up and down the airport and doing some gentle stretching, drink water and be sure to use the bathroom. If you can go outside or sit by a window try to get some daylight onto your skin and look outside at the sky or earth as much as you can.

On arrival to your destination

  • Check into your hotel, take a shower and stimulate all parts of your body with a shower brush or wash cloth to wake up your skin.

  • Immediately go outside bare foot. If it is a warm climate expose as much of your skin as possible and lie on the bare grass or ground getting as much contact with the earth as possible. If there is an ocean or a beach go for a swim and walk along the water's edge.

  • When you are lying on the grass look up at the sky towards the light (don't look directly into the sun but look close to it) This will help reset your pineal gland and help your body to recognise your new time zone.

  • Do not take a nap or a rest during your first day of arriving. Plan to do something to keep your mind active but nothing too strenuous.

  • Stay up until 7.30-8 pm that evening and plan to get a good 11-12 hours in bed. Set your alarm for 7.30 am and make sure you force yourself to get up. This is very important and if you can once again spend time outside with your bare feet on the ground it will help.

  • If you arrive in the evening. You will want to go outside and sit with your feel on the ground and look up at the moon. Spend at least 15 mins moon gazing.

  • Lavender oil also helps by dropping it on your pillow that evening and making sure the room is completely dark.

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