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Change one thing... and Change your life

Follow your heart, find what you're looking for

My Story

 Allied Health Professional, Globetrotter, Inspirational Speaker, Health and Wellness Advocate, BioHacker,

For decades I've studied sickness, health and wellness.  I've travelled the world with elite tennis players, spent hours treating humans suffering from immense pain and injury, listened to thousands of humans dealing with emotional and mental trauma.

My greatest gift is helping you  establish balance and flow, bringing your life and energy back.  I can help you discover that to get the energy we crave, we need to bring many forms of Energy back into our lives. 

We are all confronted with so many questions!  How should you eat?   Paleo, Vegan, Keto, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, low fat, high fat, high protein. Which one works for you? How should you be exercising?  Cross fit, yoga, running, or weight training?  So many choices!  Many of us are so tired.... so over not losing weight.... so CONFUSED....

When you discover what you really want, and learn about your specific genetics and phenotype, you will discover you CAN live your best life. 

When you begin your health journey I will show you just how simple it can be to start implementaing one small change at a time. 

I work with energy, the cells, and the breath. 


I work with the body the mind and the spirit. You are made from 3 very basic things. When I break you down you're made of Energy and Salt water and Oxygen.


That's why I use healing devices Scenar, Key, Healy and Redox supplements to bring you back to LIFE.


The single most important element is your breathing. Functional Breathing will change your life. Breathing in and out of your nose will change your health. I will teach you very quickly how you can implement a few strategies and exercises that you can do throughout the day to improve your sleep, calm you anxiety and get your back to performing at your very best.

If you are looking to improve your performance at work, at home or as an athlete both elite and weekend warrior. I can help your body heal from injury, recover from pain, and teach you correct methods to rebalance your nervous system so that you can not only cope with life but THRIVE.

To learn more about what I do. Please visit 

Finding the pieces of the puzzle for health

You deserve good health but you can only get good health with the right information. The right tools, and the right mentor.  Join my tribe and find HEALTH

Book a session with Sally 

If you are experiencing Pain or Discomfort. depression, anxiety, or just need a tune up.

Sally can help you HEAL.

Meditation by the Sea

Book a Home Wellness Party

Gather a few friends and lets talk health in your lounge room . Let me show you how you can change your life with a few simple tools.

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Live your best life today

Get back on track.
Life rocks when you're in Flow and Balanced.

Happy Hiking

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”


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